16-year-old Kenyan girl takes own life after being asked to shave her hair as punishment

Teenage girl takes own life after being ordered to shave her hair

A 16-year-old student at Langalanga Secondary School in Nakuru, Kenya reportedly committed suicide after a teacher asked her to shave her hair.

Teenage girl takes own life after being ordered to shave her hair 

She was reportedly asked to shave her hair as punishment for allegedly unbraiding her hair on the closing day of the second term in mid-September.

The teenager identified as Shamamcy Wanjiru committed suicide on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, at her family house in Kaloleni.

Her relative told the media;

“She came home on Tuesday and informed me that their class teacher had asked her to be accompanied by her parents. On Wednesday, we went to school and the teacher said she has to shave her hair. She got very furious about it.”

According to the family, Wanjiru left an apology letter to the said teacher before hanging herself.

Painful Apology Letter Written By Form Three Girl Shamamcy Wanjiru Before Committing Suicide After Being Ordered To Cut Her Hair As Punishment

A family in Kaloleni Estate, Nakuru County, was thrown into mourning after a form three girl studying at Langalanga Secondary school killed herself when she was asked to shave her long hair by the school principal.

Shamamcy Wanjiru, the deceased, was found undoing her hair with her friends on 16th September during their school’s closing assembly. She was asked, together with her friends, to bring their parents to school and shave their hair since it was against the school rules to do their hair in school.

According to Rosemary Wanjiru, an aunt to the deceased, she was to accompany her niece on 28th September to school to discuss her discipline issues. On the day of the incident, Rosemary left her niece at home with her daughter only to return home and find her dangling from the rooftop of their house.

Efforts to resuscitate Rosemary were futile since her pulse had already gone. Confirming the incident is the Nakuru County Police Commander, Perter Mwanzo who said that the matter was reported to the police who collected the body and took it to Nakuru Level Five Hospital mortuary. An apology letter written by the deceased to the school principal was found at the scene of the crime.

“I am sending this note to let you know that I am sincerely sorry for misbehaving. I deeply regret my actions. I also jeopardized the relations between you and I. Looking forward to hearing from you,” the girl wrote on 27th September.

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