Green Onion For Teething

Green Onion For Teething

Onion has anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothe and numb the gums. Also nice and chewy for sore gums.

Pungent onions and shallots are the best when you consider their health benefits, but babies have sensitive tongues, so it is better to choose sweeter varieties.

Green onions are good for baby teething. Make sure to choose onions that are papery and dry on the outside and don’t feel soft

Teething is natural & it does hurt. That doesn’t mean you should jump to giving medicine; there are other remedies that are safer and/or natural.

Always check with your doctor as I am not a medical physician but your child shouldn’t get above a 100° fever if they are teething as that would mean they are sick.

Spring Onion for chewing when teething
Spring Onion (green onion)

If you give your baby a frozen green onion to chew on (the white end), it supposedly helps teething pain by providing an analgesic effect.

Spring/green onion is pretty tasty and I have spoken to people who swear by this for their children. Onion has anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothe and numb the gums. Also nice and chewy for sore gums.

“Onions can be safely given to babies as they begin solid foods, starting around 6 months old,” confirms pediatric dietitian Grace Shea, MS, RDN, CSP.

General Signs Of A Teething Baby Are:

green onion for teething
  • A slight fever
  • Pulling the ear on the same side as the erupting tooth
  • Sucking fingers and fists
  • Runny bowel movements
  • Red swollen gums
  • Flushed cheeks
  • Dribbling
  • Irritability or restlessness

How To Prepare Onions For Your Baby

Start by including them in a cooked dish, such as mashed potatoes with other veggies. You can also consider meatballs or an omelet if your baby is accustomed to solids already.

If you choose to feed your child onions on their own,  serve them cooked and cut them into small pieces.

Caution: pieces of hard raw vegetables remain a choking hazard until babies reach 12 months of age.

To bring out onions’ natural sweetness — which may increase the chances of your child enjoying them — try roasting

Chew On Green Onions.

  • Stick them in the freezer for 20 mins (just so they’re really cold) & let them chew on the white end


  • With their savory, aromatic flavor and tons of health benefits, onions can be a healthy, tasty addition to your baby’s diet.
  • To prevent gas and reduce choking risks, just be sure to serve them cooked — not raw — and in small pieces.
  • And don’t worry if your littlest eater turns up their nose at onions the first few times. The more you experiment with offering onions in various packages, the better the chances you’ll soon get a smile (and a bit of baby onion breath) upon serving this veggie

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