Watch the Disturbing Kanye West antisemitic remarks during Interview That have cost him Billions Of Dollars

Kanye West is shrugging off brands cutting ties with him and insists he can’t be canceled — but if he is, he says that only proves the dangerous anti-Semitic tropes he’s been spewing.

Motherboard obtained footage of Ye making bigoted statements about Jewish people and bizarre claims about “fake children,” as well as describing visions of “kinetic energy” cities sent to him by God.

Kanye West apologises for antisemitic tweet – but no mention of TV rant -  The Jewish Chronicle
Watch the Disturbing Kanye West antisemitic remarks during Interview That have cost him Billions Of Dollars

The other footage that didn’t air specifically includes numerous asides about Jewish people. Ye has recently displayed an intense negative fixation on Jews; both his Instagram and Twitter accounts have been locked in recent days because of Ye’s antisemitic statements. On Friday, October 7, he appeared to suggest in an Instagram post that the rapper Diddy is controlled by Jews. Not long after, he promised in a tweet that he would go “death con 3” on “JEWISH PEOPLE.”


In his interview with Carlson, Ye said that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, a “known eugenics,” as he put it, created Planned Parenthood with the KKK “to control the Jew population.”

Kanye West antisemitic remarks

 Adidas has ended its partnership with Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, over his recent offensive and antisemitic remarks.

Fox News recently aired a two-part interview between Tucker Carlson and Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West. The motherboard has obtained portions of the interview that were edited out of the final broadcast. These include numerous antisemitic sentiments from Ye, a strange and lengthy digression about “fake children” he claimed were planted in his house to manipulate his own children and a statement that he’s vaccinated against COVID-19.

Carlson used the interview, which was presented as a piece of landmark television, to hit on a few of Fox News’ favorite boogeymen, with Ye’s enthusiastic participation: the Clintons, former President Obama, COVID restrictions, and, of course, the Kardashians. But what the Tucker Carlson team chose to leave out is just as revealing.

In the version of the interview that made it to air, Ye described what he said was pressure not to support Donald Trump when the latter was a candidate, called the singer Lizzo “clinically unhealthy” for her weight, and tried to explain his decision to appear at Paris Fashion Week with conservative pundit Candace Owens in matching “White Lives Matter” shirts. Carlson praised the interview as “interesting, deep, provocative,” and aired nearly two full hours of it over the course of two nights.

“Do you feel at times you were manipulated by political forces through your wife?” Carlson asked hopefully at one point, in a fairly representative piece of footage. (Ye responded that he was unaware of how close Kim Kardashian was to “the Clintons” during the time they were married.) A simple statement of fact from Ye—“I was vaccinated”—was edited out of a part of the conversation about COVID; Carlson has repeatedly used his show to air false and dangerous claims aimed at discouraging his viewers from getting vaccinated.

The statement mashes up a few different claims. Sanger was indeed a racist and eugenicist, a stance the organization has since denounced; claims that Planned Parenthood exists to kill Black infants in the womb are common across several different conspiratorial spaces.

Kanye West Antisemitic Remarks

Ye was also referring to the claim, unsupported by historical evidence, that Black people are the “real” Jewish race, which is often used to promote antisemitism. (The Southern Poverty Law Center has a broader explanation of this particular tangled claim, which is often, but not always, associated with the Black Hebrew Israelites, a movement that originated in the 19th century; some Black Hebrew Israelite sects believe that non-Black Jews are impostors or usurpers of “true” Jewish identity.)

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