Carnivore Diet Before and After Skin (Photos & Stories)

The carnivore diet is an elimination-based diet in which you consume only meat, organ meats, and animal-based products. By reducing inflammation in your body, it offers various health benefits — particularly when it comes to rejuvenating your skin.

The diet is an elimination diet that removes all the sugars, carbs, and processed foods from your diet that trigger insulin resistance, thereby preventing and healing many skin conditions

Carnivore Diet Before and After Skin (Photos & Stories)

Carnivore Studies

Recent studies from Harvard and Revero, a carnivore diet community led by Dr. Sean Baker, have reported powerful benefits for thousands of participants.

Both studies show how a carnivore diet can significantly improve and even resolve numerous diseases, reduce medication use, improve gastrointestinal conditions, boost mental health, clear up skin conditions, and promote weight loss

Why Is The Carnivore Diet So Good For Your Skin?

Many skin conditions, including acne and eczema, are caused by inflammation. The carnivore diet reduces inflammation, so it keeps your skin healthy.

Antinutrients in vegetables like phytic acid and lectins cause inflammation, which leads to the leaky gut syndrome. This allows harmful substances to enter your bloodstream, which aggravates skin conditions. These antinutrients also reduce nutrient bioavailability, so even if you’re eating the nutrients that will help rejuvenate your skin (such as zinc and iron), your body will not be able to absorb them.

Plus, acne and other chronic skin conditions can be caused by insulin resistance. Due to insulin resistance, levels of IGF-1 in your body increase, which triggers the production of sebum that leads to excess oil in your skin follicles, causing inflammatory acne. IGF-1 also plays a role in causing eczema and psoriasis by causing hyperkeratosis.

The Positive Health Benefits Of the Carnivore Diet Include:

  • 93% improved or resolved obesity and excess weight
  • 93% improved hypertension
  • 98% improved conditions related to diabetes
  • 97% improved gastrointestinal symptoms
  • 96% improved psychiatric symptoms

Carnivore Diet Before and After Skin (Photos & Stories)

The carnivore diet is the exact opposite of what we’re fed by today’s diet culture. Yet it has:

  • Cleared people’s skin
  • Supercharged energy
  • This led to faster weight loss than a vegan

All while eating the juiciest, most flavorful, mouthwatering foods in the world

Carnivore Diet Before and After Skin (Photos & Stories)

Can The Carnivore Diet Improve Skin?

The carnivore diet can fix these issues. It provides you with copious amounts of acne-zapping vitamins and can reduce inflammation: Vitamin A (if you eat beef liver): Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for your skin’s health. DHA.

What Happens To Your Skin On A Carnivore Diet?

Carnivore Diet Before and After Skin (Photos & Stories)
The carnivore diet zaps inflammation and is full of copious amounts of nutrients your skin needs to thrive, which can improve skin issues like Acne.

What Happens During The First Week Of The Carnivore Diet?

In the first few weeks of the carnivore diet, you’ll likely get regular cravings for carb-rich foods. This could be anything – from sweet foods like cake or a cinnamon bun to plant foods like a humble potato. One of the main reasons for this is that your body is still struggling to get all the energy from fat.

Carnivore Diet Skin (Photos & Stories)

Before and after photo of carnivore diet healing skin eczema
Image Source: Instagram.

1. Bella (aka @steakandbuttergal) is a proud Chinese–American who was a vegan for 6 years before she went carnivore in 2019. She suffered from eczema, psoriasis, and cystic acne.

After being on a carnivore diet for 2 months, she started noticing positive changes in all aspects of her health. Her eczema stopped flaring up, her rosacea started to calm down, and her cystic acne was starting to settle.

She simply ate a diet of beef, butter, salmon, and eggs to achieve these amazing results. Such a simple carnivore diet can heal psoriasis as well as most other chronic skin conditions.

2. Jacie Healed Her Skin (& Her Anxiety)

Jacie's before and after carnivore diet skin photo
Image Source: Instagram.

Growing up, Jacie (aka @ladycarnivory) was a healthy, normal kid and ate a pretty typical Western diet. Though she went vegan for while in her teens, she went back to the Standard American Diet and health issues started to creep in gradually.

OCD, anxiety, inflammation, joint pain, and cystic acne plagued her daily existence. She went on keto for a while, and when she heard Dr Shawn Baker on Joe Rogan she decided to give the carnivore diet a shot.

She says that it completely healed her. She experienced a lot of changes, including reduced inflammation, relieving anxiety, and clear, non-itchy skin. She had dealt with cystic acne not only on her face but all over her chest and back as well. Her cystic acne cleared up for the first time in her life 6 months into the carnivore diet.

3. Joane Cured Her Cystic Acne

Joane's before and after carnivore diet skin photo
Image Source: Instagram.

Joane (aka @the_hart_of_health) got rid of her cystic acne using a carnivore diet, which is a low linoleic acid diet. She was suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which made her insulin resistant and added to her poor skin health.

She tried low-carb diets but was still consuming a lot of linoleic acids present in plant oils, seeds, and nuts. She didn’t add any fancy treatment for her skin care. She heard Paul Saladino talk about the carnivore diet and linoleic acid, and she started eating an animal-based diet.

Within a short period of 8 months, her skin had cleared up and she was feeling better than ever before.

4. Lia Peralta Got Rid Of Eczema And Ibs

Lia's before and after carnivore diet photo
Image Source: Instagram.

Lia Peralta (aka @_liapatra) grew up eating a Standard American Diet but attempted various diets as a young adult — from paleo to vegan to pescatarian, and a lot more. She was experiencing gas, bloating, chronic constipation, fatigue, inflammation, acne, eczema, and severe eating issues.


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