Fake Taxi Meaning

Have you ever heard about fake taxi stickers or memes trending online? Well wonder no more coz today, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the fake taxi sticker and exactly what it means.

Meaning Of Fake Taxi

Fake Taxi is a po rnography website that produces videos within the reality po rnography genre. Founded and currently owned by Jonathan Todd (aka “The YouP orn Guy” and simply “JT”).[4][5] who also founded YouPo rn its online presence and assets are managed by MindGeek along with related websites.

  • The Fake Taxi website originated from Really Useful Ltd[a] in April 2013. Really Useful also managed several other similar po rnographic websites.
  • Its United Kingdom-based owner, known as JT, had been named as “CEO of the Year” by the adult industry news website X BIZ.
  • Prior to the partnership with MindGeek/Manwin, Really Useful Ltd had functioned independently.
  • Fake Taxi’s sister sites include Fake Agent and Public Agent.

Facts About Fake Taxi

  • Available in English
  • Headquarters London, UK
  • Country of origin United Kingdom
  • Owner Jonathan Todd[1](Yellow Production s.r.o.)
  • Created by Jonathan Todd
  • Industry P ornography
  • URL faketaxi. com
  • Commercial Yes
  • Registration Required
  • Launched 8 September 2012; 10 years ago[3]
  • Current status Active
  • Content license Copyrighted
  • Operated by MindGeek

Fake Taxi Sticker Meaning

The Fake Taxi sticker initially indicates that the owner of the car is a P*rnhub fan.

Fake Taxi Sticker MeaningYou probably have seen those signs in the back of cars, which say “baby on board”, “N” for a new driver.

Well, the Fake Taxi sticker has nothing to do with any of that, it describes more the hobbies of the car owner rather than their driving skills or state.

The fake taxi sticker looks just like how it sounds; it is a sticker for your car that features the words ‘fake taxi’. In particular, this is a sticker that people will recognize if they watch suggestive content.

On this website, there is a channel with these types of videos on it. So, the sticker is to indicate you know what this is and even that you are a fan. Of course, most people will be using this sticker as a joke rather than being serious.


Fake Taxi Meaning

Fake Taxi Meaning Fake Taxi Meaning Fake Taxi Meaning Fake Taxi Meaning


Where Can I Get A Fake Taxi Sticker?

It is easy to get your hands on a fake tax sticker. In particular, you are going to find a fake taxi sticker online. They are not very expensive and you get one for around $5.

You can buy the Fake Taxi on Amazon for £2.49.

Etsy also provides Fake Taxi stickers for £2.50.

Ebay sells Fake Taxi stickers for £1.99.

Lastly, Ali Express offers Fake Taxi stickers for $1.85.

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