Woman blinded in both eyes by a tattoo artist in a botched attempt to dye her eyeballs black like a rap star

A 21-year-old woman was left blinded in both eyes by a tattoo artist in a botched attempt to dye her eyeballs black like a rap star
blinded in both eyes by a tattoo artist
Aleksandra Sadowska was left blind after the botched eyeball tattoo
A DANGLING tattoo artist who blinded a woman after a failed attempt to dye her eyeballs black has been fined £30,000.

LONDON (Web Desk) – A horror tattoo bungle has left a young woman blind after her eye-inking went completely wrong, a Polish court heard.

The court has now gone on to find the artist who performed the procedure incorrectly.

Aleksandra Sadowska went to get the whites of her eyes tattooed black in April 2017 at a studio in Warsaw, Poland, that she found online.

At the time of the inking, she told local media that: “I’ve always wanted tattooed eyes, I thought they suited me.”

But it was heard that the bungling tattooist – who was named only as Piotr A. in court – penetrated the eyeball too deeply with the needle, and used an ink that was uncertified for use on eyes.

Aleksandra, who was aged 21 at the time, said that she specifically chose the artist because he had a good background history of performing the same inking on others.

She said at the time: “The tattoo artist had dozens of such procedures in his portfolio. At least that s what he said.

“Then it turned out not to be true. He also claimed to have medical education, which is also doubtful.”

The 21-year-old went on to develop glaucoma, followed by advanced cataracts.

Following this, she underwent three operations, tragically none of which brought much improvement to her sight.

One of her eyes had to be replaced with an implant, while out of the other she now only sees a shimmering light without contours.

Now, nearly six years on, Aleksandra has sued the tattoo studio.

On 20 December, the district court in Warsaw convicted Piotr A. of failing to provide assistance to the victim and of causing permanent disability.

The court ruled that he must pay Aleksandra (GBP 28,000) and perform 30 hours of community service per month for one year.

Following the verdict, lawyer Pawel Jagielski said: “We will consider filing an appeal.

“In our preliminary assessment, the amount  is still disproportionate to the extent of the harm suffered via severe disability in the form of a total loss of sight.”

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